Friday, December 7, 2018

Pete Shelley Rest In Peace. So utterly sad to hear of this man's passing

So sad to hear of Pete Shelley's passing at only 63 from an apparent heart attack. The Buzzcocks are such a stellar band in every way imaginable. I remember the first song I ever heard by them so many years ago "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) and how the sound and structure, the feral Brit Punk nature and especially Shelley's vocals absolutely floored me. It was love at first hear, sight and everything and it led me into other Brit Punk and Mod bands like Gang Of Four and The Jam. The Buzzcocks almost instant success was destined. No band sounding this good would not, could not make a huge, huge impact on the musical landscape as a whole.

There are too many words, too many songs, too many recollections to coalesce here. I am not that great a writer. There are so many wonderful well written tributes on NPR and elsewhere that will educate, enlighten you if you are somehow not a Buzzcocks / Pete Shelley fan. So I will just leave by sharing a video of some young unknown band playing a little gig somewhere, playing their hearts out covering "Ever Fallen In Love". This for me is a lovely tribute because Shelley and the Buzzcocks have left an unimaginable large impression on music, art and an untold amount of young people's hearts and minds as a point of focus and inspiration. Rest In Peace Mr. Pete Shelley. My condolences to all your loved ones, friends and family. Rock on. 

Robb Donker

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