Sunday, December 16, 2018

The somber "Castle Pines" by Castle Pines, a moving tear stained love letter

As you feel the somber tone of the track Castle Pines you can almost feel the acidic taste of death in the back of your mouth. The death of loved ones, of dreams, of neighborhoods, of friendships, of hope and of youth and all the mix of emotions that those tender years encapsulate. The cadence is straight forward, guitar slides become a mantric rhythm. The song slowly, every so slowly burns and quietly erupts into a cacophony of emotions. The song is from the "Por Vida" album, it feels like it's opus. It is based off the real street in Corona California where the band took their name from. It contains personal revelations and reflections on America, it's youth and tragedies like 911, the death of siblings, mothers' depression, poverty and as excerpted (and coalesced) from the band's statements "is about the existential dread and coming of age in the turbulence of modern America."

Castle Pines is a four piece alt rock band and a family of sorts. Members include Leandro Barrientos (vocalist, guitar) and Ricky Garvey (lead guitarist), Sterling Fairfield (percussionist) and Jesse Briseno (bassist). I have fallen in love with their passion and work ethic and their music since March of this year and have written about them 3 times prior, here, here and here, all the way moved by their story. I hope you can read those blogposts as it will reveal more about them and their recent struggles, near death experiences and unending love for each other. There are rumors (or more than such) that their latest last offering, the album "Por Vida" might be their swan song or, at least, that they are taking a step back to heal their wounds, count their many blessing, and just rest for awhile. They have stated for now that they will refrain from touring, playing and that says to me that they will not stop making music. A group of creatives like this need to create so I have a keen sense that they will be gracing the world with songs for years to come. 

Grab yourself a drink of your choice, turn off the lights and push play on the wistful Official Video of Castle Pines (by Castle Pines) Directed, Filmed and Edited by Cody Flores.


Robb Donker

From the bands Facebook Page

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