Saturday, January 26, 2019

"Avert A Gaze" by Chicago's Mentalease is a dreamy drunken dance

Avert A Gaze by Mentalease starts with an uneasy cadence and kind of weird aesthetic. It feels like that awkward dance in six grade when you were forced to dance with a partner. This unease is brilliant because when the song falls into celebratory (kind of inebriated) 60's chamber pop tones the song soars as if the dance became engaging, free and you are able to twirl (with that partner). It still sounds a bit off kilter too but in a dazzling way. A lovely bit of post punk dreaminess with an avant garde almost shoegaze filter. 

Cool stuff.  

Mentalease is a 3 piece ambient, chillwave, bedroom popish outfit out of Chicago comprised of Spencer Harris (MPC and vox), Wesley Hunt (Keys), and Daniel Martinson (drums). Avert A Gaze is from the "Push A Button" EP (that you must hear).

Robb Donker

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