Saturday, January 5, 2019

"California Kids" by The Perx is an infectious electronic alt rocker

California Kids, a electronic alt rocker by The Perx feels like the flip side to Tupac /Dr.Dre's California Love. Both songs feel like an ode to the "California as Gold" mystique. The Perx from Los Angeles are Ryan and Jeremy who produce their own songs and while Tupac's iconic ode felt like one to the entire state and California dream, California Kids has a decidedly L.A / Hollywood vibe, the song supercharged with thick guitar sounds but in a dancy way with over-modulated vocals singing, "oohooo I love California gonna get my name on the sidewalk (x2) if I die before I awake I pray these songs I sing make me famous" feels like an ode to over excess and the intoxicating desire of fame too. I can't tell if the song itself is steeped in irony and is an anti fame message but it doesn't matter as this track is as infectious as the dark Hollywood strip itself. It does, though, end way too soon.

Robb Donker

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