Saturday, January 19, 2019

Detroit based Paint Thinner descent into rock heaven on "Distortion" from "The Sea Of Pulp"

Distortion by Detroit based Paint Thinner is one of those songs that cast imagery in your head. Descending big heavy chords feel both theatrical and foreboding. The jagged construction, the time traveling nature pulling musical tones from 70's psych rock and post punk muck, that good heavy muck that hangs on your shoulders after you exit that fog drenched club. Distortion resides on Paint Thinner's latest offering, the album "The Sea Of Pulp" available on vinyl and digitally. They are currently teasing our ears and minds with not only Distortion but with Soft Features another trippy affair with potent tactile bass lines, audaciously cool guitar breaks, Moon-esque drum fills and god awfully captivating vocal performance and that time traveling thing. Fuck yes.

Robb Donker

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