Sunday, January 13, 2019

Gregory Ackerman reflects deeply on the alt folk serenade "All This Thinking"

Gregory Ackerman's latest public offering is a demo recorded in his garage called All This Thinking. The L.A. based singer songwriter has an easy style but his alt folk aesthetic feels like his view is through a skewed prism giving the songs a bit of a sad maybe even slightly dark edge. I can feel questions, big ones about life inherent in between the lines. Those kind of questions that if you think about too long you might end up in the fetal position on the floor, that is... if you feel too much. Ackerman feels life and writes songs about those feelings

Last year his debut full-length "And Friends", via V2/Munich, album produced by Rilo Kiley bassist, Pierre de Reeder was released. "And Friends" showcases Ackerman’s warmth, opening with his own immersive double- tracked vocals, guitar and piano playing, along with the sincere contributions of Ackerman’s actual friends.

Robb Donker


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