Monday, January 28, 2019

"I Will Entertain You" the lush psych rock bath of light by The Delicate Delegate

I Will Entertain You by The Delicate Delegate, the musical project of Matt Earley has such formidable classic proto punk meets rock meets punk bones and wraps around you in this hazy, cool, psychedelic way like sonic elements of the Troggs / Pixies / Suck / White Fence kind of smooshed together. Loving the sound and aesthetic here. Matt Earley's musical journey is really an interesting one. I am not great at conveying the many twists and turns that bring an artist to where they are now and will leave that to the wonderful press notes below. Rock on Matt.

Robb Donker


Starting out performing in bars in and around Lexington, KY at age 15, Matt spent the next ten years playing in bands like 330 High, Leather Jesus, Loophole, and Star Strangled Bastards that occasionally toured the south and midwest and put out music locally and regionally. His early years are best summed up by Brandon Lewis (The Lexington Guitar Tribute) describing Matt's band Loophole as "one of Lexington's most influential bands that no one has heard of". After a decade of mostly limited success, Matt became a father, got married, moved to Madison, WI to go to grad school, started a coffee business, and put his guitar on mothballs.
Around 2015 Matt was stunned to realize that he only had so much time left, on this planet, to make music. He began writing, recording, and playing at a furious pace as The Delicate Delegate. In 2016 he put out a split cassette on Wiener Records with Minneapolis garage act Jettkick. He followed up in 2018 with the limited four-song 7" vinyl EP "How Do You Like Your Eggs?".
In 2018 Matt started Madison indie rock/power pop band Bent Antenna with fellow singer/songwriter/guitarist CA Grooms, bassist Lisa Marine (Noah John, Tiny Band), and drummer Dan Hobson (Killdozer, Tiny Band). The band has supported acts such as Lou Barlow and The Flavor Crystals thus far in their short existence.

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