Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sarsaparilla - dreamy bedroom pop delivers in a big lovely way on "Postcard"

Post Card by Sarsaparilla is just so damn lovely. Their is a lot of Bedroom pop out there and because the genre conjures up a computer leaning on the edge of a bed and a creative person creating their own dreamy masterpiece in Garage Band maybe with an electric guitar plugged directly into some little interface box or someone creating entirely in the box (computer), you get a wide array of music, of fidelity and of dreams in embryo and / or fully realized. I don't know if Post Card was, indeed, created in a bedroom or in a grand studio but it is so exquisitely crafted and full of surprises. It has the sad reverb washed ennui we expect out of these kinds of songs but other emotional textures as well. I could feel my mouth start to smile a teeny bit 20 seconds in but when the guitar break / riff came in my smile exploded and what followed pretty much captured me like a great song should. This song will clearly be on my top songs of 2019 list, clearly. 

Sarsaparilla aka Shannon Betty is a bedroom producer and songwriter. I
n 2018 she teamed up with singer/songwriter Rubaiyat Howlader (Slowships) and producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths, Peking Duk) to bring their songs out of the bedroom and into the world. Together the trio are working on an EP which is due out in early this year 2019.


Robb Donker

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