Friday, January 4, 2019

Song Premiere: "Good To Me" by East L.A.'s The Pocket Rockets - Broken lust / love 50's tinged punk song shines

The new track Good To Me by East L.A.'s The Pocket Rockets sways like a slow dance torch song filtered through a kind of cagey doo wop punk feel enhanced by heavier rock leanings. Ralph Blanco's vox shine enhancing the tortured broken romance tones with clinched fist passion. The production shines here too with his vox sitting comfortably (while EQ'd hot) in a deep, deep well of heavy bass (Blanco) / tight drums (Chris Magallon) and Lyndon Miller's driving sustained guitar work. I love the lush heavy sound here that just wraps around your brain.

This labor of broken love was mixed by Blanco and mastered by Brian Lucy (The Kills, The Arcs, The Shins) and it will inhabit one of 2 EPs in the works for this year. 

Robb Donker

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