Thursday, January 10, 2019

Strange Neighbors own unique rock voice on "Billie" and "One Hand"

Strange Neighbors cut a single unique musical path. Stewed and brewed out of the NYC DIY scene their sound feels a bit like late 70's proto punk filtered through current sock hop punk and then through a kind of art pop / rock tone and there is a theatricality to their sound. The thick dense rock vibrancy that wraps around Aidan's passionate vocal performance is tightly wound. Choppy guitar, tight bass and loose punchy drumming. The songs tell stories as opposed to just piecing words together that sound good together. Back to Aidan's singing style. It is a very self aware, tight fist against the heart style. She sings as if her feelings are pent up and she needs to get them out in a big formidable way. Their aesthetic, dynamic and emotional with post punk proggy flourishes is full of surprises. When the tempo shifts dramatically on the track Billie and the jammy song turns into a kind of 60's pop tragedy / tear jerker it is jaw dropping. On the track One Hand the emotional tones cut deep. The band shares that the song is about "healing and relearning how to have fun and feel sexual while grappling with the aftermath of being an assault survivor" and the tender and then big almost 60's / 70's Americana rock swells work so effectively, beautifully and emotionally. Strange Neighbors have their own voice and I love that.

Tracks from their second EP - "Outside / In" -

Robb Donker

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