Friday, January 25, 2019

Surfliner might just take you away on "I Don't Mind" from the "Kiska" album

I Don't Mind by Surfliner flows and then hustles effortlessly. Tight but oh so loose it rides on shifting drums, soulful jazz filtered tones, spacious guitar, dreamy piano, groovy bass lines and chill, cool vocals. Surfliner is the recording project of multi-instrumentalist Tyler Wyatt and rhythm guitarist Sam Worley and did I mention that they are in high school? Hailing from the beach town of Duxbury, Massachusetts they write, record, produce right out of Sam's family barn. The same barn where the DIY-ers foster their music and local scene by hosting barn shows and inviting up and coming student artist to open up for them. It sounds so idyllic. So perfect. 

I Don't Mind is from their 10 track full length "Kiska"-

Robb Donker

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