Saturday, February 9, 2019

Earthquake Lights' gravitational pull of major triads and minor extensions on "Moonlight"

The sultry track Moonlight by NYC's indie rock / chamber pop quintet Earthquake Lights is a moody somber affair full of jazz tones spilling major triads with minor extensions creating spaces that feel like steps that float in mid air before coming down to earth. Within the jazz flavors exist dreamy synth tones with hints of R&B and even ambient (dream) pop feels. Comprised of college grads who back in 2010 /2011 would slip into their Alma Mater's music building to practice and compose. On keys and singing lead, Myles Rodenhouse; the drummer, Stephen Helms; playing electric bass, James DiGorlamo; on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Cam Underhill; and on lead guitar, Evan Douaihy.

Their musical journey and hard work has found them with musical successes tied to commercials and TV shows and leading them to recording their debut full-length, "Distress Signals". The band recruits some Broadway musicians to play brass parts. Soon enough, Earthquake Lights find themselves at world-famous Abbey Road Studios recording strings with a professional orchestra. A dream come true but dreams don't just happen, they are made by offering emotional art that people want to orbit around. Listening to Moonlight I can feel Earthquake Light's gravitational pull.

Robb Donker

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