Sunday, February 3, 2019

Eoin Noonan's comforting indie rocker "Calling Me Names" is a keeper

Calling Me Names from Irish Artist in Vermont (USA) Eoin Noonan is a sweet indie rocker that glides effortlessly around you like the warmth of a hot chocolate on a fog shrouded day on the Portland coastline (but maybe that's just me). It might transport you to another place or memory. Noonan's vocals are comforting and the indie rock guitar hooks come in at the right moments. This is a song for the good times that will undoubtedly bring up good memories months or years from now when you push play again. 

Eoin Noonan - guitars, vocals, bass 
David Anderson - guitars 
Luke O’Kelly - drums 

Recorded by Eoin Noonan and David Anderson 
Mixed by David Anderson 
Mastered by Brian Lucey 

Robb Donker

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