Tuesday, February 26, 2019

"Im Park Und IM Café" by Berlin based Die Wände is a proggy juggernaut of post punk goodness

Im Park Und IM Café by three piece German indie post punk outfit Die Wände is a proggy juggernaut of a song. Cascading guitar sounds spiral around cagey drum patterns and powerful bass lines. Recorded (along with other songs) in the spring of 2018 (under the project / band girlie that had formed in 2013 while the trio were studying at the Art University in Berlin)  the mostly live music sessions hammered out in seven days in the attic of an empty farmhouse in Prinzhofte, a municipality just outside of Demenhorst (Germany).

The band: Carsten von Postel, Jann Petersen and Mathias Wolff and friends from the Flennen Collective - Alexander Günther (Molde) and Julius Berger (Go Lamborghini Go) who were commissioned to record the songs slept on air mattresses in the midst of microphoned amplifiers and drums. Vocal recordings and overdubs were made in the following weeks in a rehearsal room in Berlin-Lichtenberg, recorded by Christian Ramisch (NOJ), which is surrounded by communist-era blocks of flats. No longer girlie (which by the way released EP's and Cassettes and received well deserved accolades from 2014 to 2016) the band changes its name to Die Wände. The debut album "Im Flausch" will be released 8th March 2019 on vinyl and digitally by Späti Palace.  

Robb Donker

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