Friday, February 15, 2019

La Loye and the pure beautiful heaviness of "To Live Underwater"

The track To Live Underwater by La Loye (the Netherlands) appropriately floats on stair stepping guitar notes pure and sleepy and singer songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld's tender vocal performance. The subtlety of everything that is happening makes the song sound like a simply beautiful lullaby but there is so much lushness here, so much instrumentation that feels almost too polite to not step up front too much. The melodies enhanced by the intimacy of Lieke's voice (often times held up by graceful what sounds like organ strains and acoustic guitar) are so beautifully intimate and sometimes heartbreaking. Water like love, like life can be pristine, pure, an essence you swim, drift through but you can be crushed by it's weight too or suffocated by it. To Live Underwater is a dreamy affecting stunner of a song. 
Robb Donker


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