Saturday, February 9, 2019

"Turn Into Blue" by The Technicolors - post punk blend swirling in the universe

Turn Into Blue by Los Angeles based (by way of Phoenix, Arizona) The Technicolors is a sultry, cool fall into indie rock filtered through a kind of post punk haze further filtered through 90's post rock and 80's new wave tones. The blend is so exquisitely wrought some of the guitar flourishes feel proggy too. It moves so well, dramatically really and Brennan Smiley's vocals (that effortlessly slide into dreamy falsettos) is clean and dirty in the best way. Oddly enough or maybe not, I flashed on some very diverse bands as I listened from Superchunk to Spoon to Muse to Radiohead to The Flaming Lips even and mind you The Technicolors don't sound like any of these artists specifically but there are moments that swirl around that make me think the band may share some of the creative stuff that these artists are made of. Stuff in the universe and listening to The Technicolors' stuff on Spotify I find them to be a band creating their own universe or solar system in the least. Smiling. Cool stuff. 

The Technicolors are (the aforementioned) Brennan Smiley (lead vocals, guitar), Sean Silverman (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Nico (bass guitar), and Austin Scates (drums, percussion). 

Part of the new "Techni-trax single series", Turn Into Blue is the first single from The Technicolors in the new year. The song was produced by Jon Joseph.

Robb Donker

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