Saturday, March 30, 2019

"Backseat Drivers" by King Ibis is delicious

Perth (Aus) band King Ibis cut cool grooves on the cool and inviting track Backseat Drivers. Lead vocalist / guitarist and songwriter Nadene Burchell has a dynamically fluid vocal performance and a knack for bouncy cool melodies. The guitar notes pulsate as if under water and then cut a decisive syncopated groove while the bass and drums push a solid framework. The chorus falls away into pretty and potent indie rock with R & B and light jazz flavors. What a delicious track.

King Ibis is Nadene Burchell (Songwriter) : Vocals // guitar
Samantha Goddard : Bass
Matthew Oakley : Backing vocals // lead guitar
John Mcandrew : Drums


Robb Donker

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