Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"Before" by Buffalo's Johnny & the Man Kids is a full charge cheeky lo-fi rocker

Before by Johnny & the Man Kids out of Buffalo, New York is a full charge cheeky lo-fi indie rocker with a runaway beat and a catchy guitar melody that feels like a precocious kid's "na na naaas". The unbridled energy is infectious and John Marciniak's vox feels cool and croony. I thought a bit of a kind of blend of The Strokes, The Orwells and Together Pangea. The band is rounded out by brother Tyler Marciniak (bass), Andy Pszonak (guitar), and Alex Bogart (drums).

This is the first single from Johnny & the Man Kid's upcoming EP You Made Me Hurt, out 4.12.19

Robb Donker

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