Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - proto / post punk diatribe "It's Alive" is banging

Aussie punk provocateurs Dr Sure's Unusual Practice roast and toast in the cagey angular post punk rocker It's Alive. It is raw head banging commentary with a proggy proto punk feel. It feels cheeky yet potent. A diatribe on smart phone culture and uncontrollable urges, the song tells the story of a human who turns into a smart phone one limb at a time. Do we control the smart phone or does the smart phone control us? Think about that some time when you freak out because you left yours at home.

Robb Donker


Dr Sure's Unusual Practice are making peculiar post-punk to subvert the structures of our modern society. Taking the foundations of punk music, raw and political, and giving it a distinct 2019 thread, tongue firmly in cheek and an ear to the ground. Big business, little men, religious doctrine, climate anxiety, smart phones and dumb politicians.

After playing and recording around Melbourne for the last 6 years Dr Sure, AKA Dougal Shaw (Breve, Cracodile, Hot Sludge Fundae), started this new project as a challenge to write and record everything himself. Realising it was some of his most fun and potent work, Dougal enlisted the help of Miranda Holt (Lubulwa, Strangers From Now On), Jake Suriano (Hideous Sun Demon, Kitchen People) and Jack Mccullagh (Hot Sludge Fundae, Fishmonger) to bring the project to life.

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