Saturday, March 30, 2019

Modern Moxie's "Til I'm A Ghost" percolates in interesting power pop / indie rock ways

When you hear Til I'm A Ghost by Modern Moxie you want to read in between the lines and, while all song interpretations might just tell you more about yourself than the intent of the song, you just feel like their are big stories inside Madison Lucas' brain that you want to pick through. The song shifts in sometimes askew ways but always feeling kind of 1978 proto pop blended with contemporary indie rock / power pop tones. The musical sounds and arcs are vast here with many surprises. The rock chops are potent and so sonically satisfying. Love the guitar lines that work around the vocal melodies. Fuck yes. Cool beans. 

Til I'm A Ghost is from Modern Moxie's debut LP "Claw Your Way Out" dropping on vinyl and digital platforms in June (2019). They hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Robb Donker

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