Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Organised Scum's track "Fotograph" is a mirror for the soul or, at least, a selfie for the soul

Organised Scum's track Fotograph is a cagey pop punk affair with an air of mystery deep hooks. The bass is cool and dances about as muted guitar strains hang in the air and vocals laced with a stoic cool caveat, ‘Simon is aware my name is not the same as the photograph. Found it in the lane somewhere in the deep dark heart of the broken path’.

The London based band is Tom Duggins (vox, guitar), Sean Canty (drums) and Tom Williams (bass) and the sounds I have heard before and posted about had a harried punk edge with spurts of social commentary and while Fotograph is more subdued  (I actually thought of 80's icons like Joe Jackson and Hall and Oates) it has a pressing message. Of the track, lead singer Tom Duggins says:

"Fotograph is about the unending documentation of our own lives. The self-surveillance that we all take part in. It's also about the pure sensation of image in the world today. Because we by products online before we've seen the IRL, and people use dating apps to decide whether or not to give someone the time of day on the basis of a static photo- it's almost as if the photo precedes everything else. The constant exchange of images becomes it's own separate reality, one which seems more sanitary and risk-free than real life but you don't have to look far to see the casualties. Whether it's a rise in eating disorders or a general negative impact on people's mental health- this supposedly fun thing is fucked up in all sorts of dire ways."

Robb Donker

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