Friday, March 22, 2019

"Serpentina" is decadently heavy and cool from Sharkmuffin's sc-fi concept EP "Gamma Gardening"

Serpentina, from the Brooklyn punk trio Sharkmuffin feels trippy cool. It's shifting drum rhythms, snaking bass lines, spaghetti western meets surf punk guitar lines and brazen reverb washed vox are wild and decadently cool. The track is from their latest "Gamma Gardening" EP, a sci-fi concept album based around the Serpentina (herself), as:

"a space dominatrix with a day job as receptionist for a gene editing lab and her new “designer baby,” Sharkmuffin have built a world that explores the dystopian future, in both it’s most colorful and darkest turns. There’s sex, snakes, and plenty of sci-fi intrigue, inspired by workplace boredom and a fear for a genetically altered future of super babies." 

Really? Really. An Artfully intriguing concept. Me thinks Sharkmuffin should get together with artist Craig Gleason on this. NPR once described the bands sounds as "glam grunge" which I think is pretty right on although (maybe) a simplification. Their punk sound blend in proto punk tones, 60's almost Phil Spector-esque "Wall of Sound' tones, post rock neo psychedelic elements and, yes, grunge and garage rock and surf music. A heady brew that might just have to be described as "Sharkmuffin".

Sharkmuffin isTarra Thiessen (guitar/vocals) and Natalie Kirch (bass/vocals). "Gamma Gardening" finds the duo joined by frequent collaborator turned full fledge Sharkmuffin, Jordyn Blakely (drums/vocals). All three handle the songwriting influenced by The Shangri-Las, Nirvana, Broadcast and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Gamma Gardening" drops April 5th via Exploding In Sound Records. 

Robb Donker

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