Sunday, March 24, 2019

"Too Late" by Distant Mountains contains dramatic mini-crescendos, evocative storytelling and a WTF moment

Too Late by Distant Mountains starts with dramatic droning synths and them begins to gallop with acoustic rhythms and a wanderlust beat as the story is told with harmonious vox. And I do mean  a story, the words are as intimate as they are vague and it makes you lean in to absorb them. The song dares to stop and start, the dynamic sweep with tender vocals and mini-crescendos is so inviting and then at the end, a WTF thing happens. All of the sudden the tempo changes and a kind of mellotron on high sound befitting of a fable which then shifts into big power chords leaves you almost dazed and confused. It is a lovely musical turn and, sadly, most songs are lacking any surprises. 

The surprising and evocative Too Late is from Distant Mountain's first full length called "Stationed Lockstep" self engineered and self produced at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco is out now (released digitally and on vinyl on March 1st of this year).

Robb Donker

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