Saturday, April 20, 2019

A beautiful resurrection, "Come To Me" by A Picture Made

Come To Me by A Picture Made has classic rock bones and bring to mind iconic artists like Van Morrison and Tom Petty. The vocal artistry and melodies are so solid and create evocative images in your mind full of nostalgia like warm post card memories told via a swaying beat, organ swells and roots rock guitars on high. I love, love, fucking love this song. 

The amazing thing is that this song is from a mid-western band resurrected now and birthed nearly 35 years earlier but now releasing first LP. 

Robb Donker


In the 1980s, in Kansas and Missouri, four kids came of age individually holding tightly to a purely shared rock music dream. This desire to play rock and roll collectively unified them into the powerhouse that is known as a picture made. They worked tirelessly to realize their dream and, after a short time, they started to generate an unavoidable buzz around the midwest. Their rise to success was swift and evident, as they were tapped to support The Replacements, The Call, and The Connells on the road. While touring with different bands only helped to fuel their fire, their hunger to write and record music was insatiable. 
Nearly 35 years down the line, apm is finally ready to deliver the uncompromising, unwavering vision for the thematic album that has become Heal. This album enriches the scene with poetic, allegorical lyrics ably set in bold, well-crafted tones. Signature tracks “Quitting Now Would Be Treason” and “A Signal Hovering Over America” create a lyrical whirlwind over a vivid, colorful landscape of instrumental dynamics, while “Come To Me” and “Behind Your Eyes” offer a bittersweet and unique, yet familiar take on love. Good luck trying to ignore tracks like “God Loves A Hell Of A Man” and “Baby Boom Boom,” as they are the 
exuberant no-frills rock and roll juggernauts of the album. Lastly, “Music is Love” is a stunning summation of the album’s healing message, placed strongly before the final of the three Heal songs – “Heal Me,” “Heal You,” and “Healed.” This trinity of Heal songs serves as milestone tracks to mark the path of the listener’s journey. apm believes Heal is their finest work to date, with sights set for much more ahead. 

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