Thursday, April 25, 2019

Alexandros Kilias moves in mysterious ways on "Coconut" from "The Weybridge Diaries" (Debut LP)

Alexandros Kilias crafts some amazing soundscapes like Coconut from his debut LP "The Weybridge Diaries" that floats along in such a lovely mesmerizing way. Ambient noise pull at you over a hypnotic mantric piano melody. I simply love this to death. 

Robb Donker


When he was younger, Alexandros Kilias, balancing between being a professional pianist and a festival goer, used to travel often from his home country in Greece to the UK for gigs and concerts. One day, he decided to spare himself the endless flying hours and so he moved to South London where he was inspired to release his own music (some say the foxes had something to do with it). The 'Weybridge Diaries' is his debut album which was designed the same way London has been: To be enjoyed by all people anytime of the day, from the nightscape party owls to the morning tube commuters.

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