Sunday, April 21, 2019

Blarg stir up psyche, noise, electronica, trap and more into their own thing, hear the track "Radiohead"

Hey-- they got a radio technique. Blarg out of Germany stir up psyche rock, noise rock, electronic pop, experimental and trap influences into this kind of jammy proto punk / new wave jag. Check out the song Radiohead.

Robb Donker


Two friends since school, first starting out with psychedelic rock, 10 years later still making music together. With the goal to create music for the outsiders of the outsiders. From psychedelic rock, noise, electronic, pop, experimental and trap music influences developed their mostly DIY sound and visual art that has some rough edges but always soul. 

From listening to psychedelic rock from Yura Yura Teikoku in a windowless room while putting flyers into envelopes over multiple months grew the desire to create something unique. From the very start they created music they could not share – from clipping noise solos to scratch table bass guitars.
After moving to Cologne with multiple drummers joining and leaving the band they recorded their first bunch of songs.
Looking for a solution they bought a pedal board with backing tracks, dressed up a skeleton as their drummer and prepared for concerts.
The frontman/bassist Theo uses multiple vocal and bass effects to create a wall of voices and sounds. His normal singing voice is nothing special but when he switches to his head voice it seems as if there is no ceiling holding him down anymore.
The guitarist Tom, face hidden behind a layer of hair, can go from the most beautiful soundscapes with chiming sounds straight out of heaven to fuzz solos to drive out the devil that seems to possess him while playing.
Starting 2019 they stated their goal to release a single every month and stream “concerts” on twitch and youtube.

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