Saturday, April 27, 2019

"Bully" by Kiss The Tiger pushes post punk buttons like a dirt bomb

Bully by five piece Minneapolis, Minnesota rockers Kiss The Tiger is an explosion of post punk goodness. It is (to me) a very The Dirt Bombs-esque track (if you don't know them I feel sorry for you) filled with feral punk attitude and lyrical diatribes that snarl. I love this sound and while I am not privy to more of this bands work which press notes indicate is a, "multifaceted blend of retro styles, including gospel, folk, and classic rock" and that all sounds good to me. 

Bully is from their latest full length "Let Me Bleed" album (their second to date) and I look forward to diving into the fray. Kiss The Tiger are Meghan Kreidler (Vocals), Michael Anderson (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Andrew Berg (Lead Guitar), Paul DeLong (Bass Guitar) and Jay DeHut (Drums).

Robb Donker

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