Thursday, April 25, 2019

"Holy Water" by Teleskopes is slick and shiny like leather clad souls on Sunset Blvd.

Holy Water by Los Angeles based three piece rockers Teleskopes feels cinematic in scope, slick and shiny like leather jacket clad souls on Sunset Blvd. The band is comprised of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar) and Jesper Kristensen (drums). 

Hillstrom said on the meaning behind Holy Water, “It’s about choices, sacrifices you make in this lifetime gambling that an afterlife exists."

The title, Holy Water, was inspired by a concoction digested by the band on a creative trip to Landers, located in the high desert of California. 

Robb Donker


The trio formed when Hillstrom and Kristensen connected with Fagan, who had just relocated to Los Angeles from Australia. After working together on other various projects, the three eventually began the process of writing their own music. Early songs developed organically and methodically from their initial focus, which was on developing their live show on the LA club music scene.
In 2017 Teleskopes released their debut EP “Stereocilia”, a six-track collection of songs that takes the listener on a journey of sweeping soundscapes, towering guitar walls, and swirling atmospherics all wrapped carefully around Fagan’s voice. Songs like “Criminal”,  “Lazers”, and “Crystal Clear”, caught the attention of local taste makers like Buzzbands LA’s Kevin Bronson and Mark Sovel at KLOS fm. Additionally to this “Stereocilia”, was added to over 100 college and non commercial radio stations across the USA.

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