Sunday, April 28, 2019

"I'll Be Your Mellow Man, Darling" by Northern Utah's The Painted Roses feels like a nostalgic western diorama

The track I'll Be Your Mellow Man, Darling by Northern Utah's The Painted Roses is steeped in 3 part harmonies and slang terms and phrases from the 50's and references to classic westerns of that period and yes, there is a line about James Dean too. The word play is pretty brilliant as are the melodies and earnest grit in the vocal performance. It feels like roots / garden rock. I thought of The Band (actually) which is a great thing. 

The song was a late edition to the Painted Roses debut EP. The Painted Roses members include Cole Stocker (guitar/vocals), Jack Hogan (Bass/Vocals), and Jeffrey Thompson (drums).

Robb Donker

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