Monday, April 22, 2019

Lazuli Vane and the trippy intoxicating "Snakes"

Lazuli Vane's shimmy shaking track Snakes feels from the onset a little intoxicating like walking through that thick smoke when you walk into a party and you inhale deeply. Within the psyche pop high the song falls away into an almost R & B dance party mixed with tropical punk sounds. It is full of imagery while that rhythm guitar pushes you into unknown delights around every corner all the while Vane's funky pop vocal performance makes you smile. An official video purported to be a trip fest is coming soon (May 3rd) and, no wonder, Vane is the Atlanta based indie / psych / pop / experimental artist know for fronting and producing virally infectious Trash Panda.

Robb Donker


Vane’s debut single takes a stab at untrustworthy relations and explores the seasons of life when things just aren’t lining up right. When life feels like a strange dream or a nightmare. It celebrates the process of restarting when life needs an overhaul. Featuring Max Hewett on bass and Paul Wagner on drums, it was recorded partly at Aaron and Nancy Hill’s Greenhouse Atlanta and partly at Lazuli Vane’s home studio. Album art by Daniel Plascencia.

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