Saturday, April 13, 2019

"Mirrors" by Dylan Pham is an embracing soulful slow dance and more

L.A. singer songwriter / producer Dylan Pham possesses beautiful skills despite his young years or maybe because of them. Just listen to his track Mirrors. It is a sophisticated piece of delicious indie pop, trading time signatures, elegant orchestral moves that feel like warm embraces and pop melodies that lie somewhere between Burt Bacharach and Tod Rundgren. Pham stirs in big sweeping chamber pop flourishes, soul sweays and clean psychedelia too. It is a full tilt lovely ride that can send shivers up your arm like falling in love.

Pham elicits the help of some very talented players.

Written by Dylan Pham
Produced by Dylan Pham and Kurana
Mixed by Patrick Doyle
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Bass guitar by Mortimer
Drums by Emily Dolan Davies
Background vocals by Georgia Greene
Trumpets by Kiavi
Strings arranged by Kurana and performed by Nick Kennerly, Natalie Giordano, and Austin Shaw

Robb Donker

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