Saturday, April 13, 2019

Moontwin cut the lines on their latest punk pushed "Brakes"

Moontwin (amazingly) never ever disappoints. Their latest Brakes is a blistering punk rocker full of movement and wanderlust. There is such a strong proto punkish vibe here. The sort of spaghetti western meets rockabilly punk sound feels so cinematically rich. I thought of a collision of L.A punk bands like the iconic X and Wall of Vodoo and also a puree blend of Garbage and She Wants Revenge. The sounds is so rich, so fucking rich in atmosphere. From my many Moontwin posts you probably already know that this duo is singer songwriter Maple Bee (aka Melanie Garside) and XRaydio founder Zac Kuzmanov. They collab in their own virtual space between Bulgaria and London some 1700 miles apart. The thing is I want to see them perform live. I need to see them. It would be incredible. They are a musical match made in heaven.

Robb Donker

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