Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sweetcreem's potent sonic bittersweet wash called "Smith" always ends much too soon

Sweetcreem's potent sonic wash called Smith may, could be called dream pop but there is an acidic quality here. The droning synths have a heaviness and harshness and the vocal performance might even feel a bit tortured and sad (or maybe that is me) so if people call this dream pop it might just be the heavy metal or grunge of dream pop. I really do like it though and listening numerous times it always ends much too soon. 

As the Press Notes say: Sweetcreem is a singer-songwriter vagabond turned singer-songwriter producer from Boston, MA, USA with friends all over the place. She takes deep enjoyment from hip hop/trip hop beats, vital punk riffs, unique synths, sweet harmonies, and soulful grooves and vocals. She wants to take you out for milk and cookies.

Robb Donker

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