Saturday, April 27, 2019

Zen Parks - "IDK" feels like a saturated indie pop confessional

IDK by Zen Parks is a saturated indie pop song with deep inspirations. It almost starts like a gospel confessional, stark and bare and then the dance pop tones with R & B back beats come in. It is a dense mish-mosh of flavors and dynamic changes. When the bottom drops out it feels like an 80's new wave meets romance wave like something Bowie would of done when he was playing with dance pop tones. Cool stuff with a lot of pop flavors splashing out. 


Zen Parks began as a solo concept in 2016 by singer/songwriter Mateo Guidali. A year later, Rafael Aritmendi would join the project including drums and percussion instruments to the mix. Matt & Rafa met in high school where they started sharing their eclectic music taste.Matt is an avid fan of the 60's & 70's music but he also started to find a taste for modern bands like Glass AnimalsJunglealt-JTame Impala, etc...Rafa grew up listening to rock and metal music and is also a founder member of the metal band Deathsurrection.

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