Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Franc Cinelli’s indie folk single "Fly" is a reflective homage to Nick Drake’s "Which Will" born out of loss

(photo courtesy of John Drill)

Fly is Franc Cinelli's first single of 2019. The spartan production hinges almost solely on Cinelli's intimate vocal performance and soulful reflections born from the loss of a family member that passed away. A beautifully poised song tinged with sadness and acceptance, interestingly enough the melody for Fly came forth almost effortlessly while he played guitar to Nick Drake's Which Will. Moments like this come to songwriters, little gifts given by other songwriters. Fly will be on the new upcoming full length called "Night Songs" due to drop this September (2019). 

While Fly could not exist without Cinelli's evocative vocal aesthetic it is also the cadence and emotional arc of the guitar picking that ebbs and flows with the melodies. The musical breaks are so expressive and when orchestral sounds swell up and embrace the whole musical affair it is beautifully moving. 

Franc Cinelli was born in Rome, Italy and is currently based out of London, England.

Robb Donker


Franc wrote Night Songs throughout 2018 without any initial thought of making a record. It seems that all the songs came from a place of introspection. “They were songs I needed to write, plain and simple. But the songs on the record definitely feel to me like they belong together and the title Night Songs helps me understand them better”, says Franc. “There’s a special beauty found only in the stillness of the night. In the silent, lonely darkness dreams are born and reflections make way for answers. Night time isn’t the end of anything. It’s the beginning. It’s the seed of a brand new start“.
Some of the music Franc Cinelli was listening to while making these songs had undoubtedly seeped into his new LP. Nick Drake, Jonathan Wilson, Blaze Foley, John Martyn or eastern folk artists like N. Ravikiran and Ravi Shankar – they all seem to rub off on the style of the record. Understanding those melodies allowed Franc for create something totally new and the artist is very excited to be sharing this album with the public. All songs on the upcoming LP have helped Franc to get through a tough time in his life, and artist wish for some of the sounds he created to be of help to others as well.

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