Saturday, May 4, 2019

New Palace Talkies has got a "Caravan For Sale" and it sounds amazing

New Palace Talkies (UK) is the musical project / alter ego for Tom Stevens and his effervescent indie pop rocker Caravan For Sale flows in beautifully engaging ways. Stevens aesthetic rides on personal lyrics that dip into the subconscious, purging emotional truths and trying always to be positive and empathetic. On CFS, I love the falsettos, stacked sounds and dreamy slightly askew pop artifice and in some ways this reminds me of early MGMT. Super dynamic and immersive. 

On live shows Ross Smithwick (Lonely The Brave, SecondSmile) joins in with a mix of electronic drums, looped vox and live instrumentation. New Palace Talkies is based out of Bristol, United Kingdom. 

Robb Donker


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