Monday, May 27, 2019

North Ireland's Mitch McAteer and his painfully moving "I Hate That I Love You"

Mitch McAteer's painfully moving I Hate That I Love You is a song that not only wears it's heart on it's sleeve but all over like a painful heavy winter overcoat of tortured feelings of a love that cannot be, of open wounds that sting at the mere hush of breath caused at the utterance of the words "I love you." McAteer's vocal performance is gut wrenching. His low growl and cut razor blade tone hurts like whisky on a sore bloody throat. Whether the pain is real and autobiographical or artistically wrought or both, you feel real heartache in this performance and words. The musical bed at every turn is just as feral, messy and passionate. Powerful stuff. 

Mitch McAteer is a Northern Irish alt-folk singer and his debut EP dropped on this month.

Robb Donker

The turning point in Mitch McAteer’s creative journey came when he returned from London to a mobile home on the fringes of his uncle's farm in Northern Ireland. He craved space to think and process, and no wifi and a £10 mobile phone helped perfectly to achieve that! The beauty of his Co. Down homeland allowed him to open up creatively. He was inspired by the dynamics of the scenery, the changing seasons, the cycle from dull misty mornings to warm summer evenings. After months of writing in isolation, the songs evolved into the upcoming EP - what Mitch describes as a “wee family”.

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