Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Saint Kodiak pushes and punches on "Like It Is"

Like It Is by Scandinavia based singer songwriter Saint Kodiak rides on a punchy folk engine forever moving forward to it's conclusion. This formidable movement, full of wanderlust and wide eyed stares to the horizon, feels so vast. The vocal performance propelled by cool guitar lines feels passionate but not overly forced, just real and earnest. The folk sway made me think a bit of Kevin Morby. Really like the aesthetic and big sound here. This is the last single before an upcoming album. 

Of the album Kodiak says, "Sometimes we need to thank whoever gives us a slap in the face. My new single is a celebration of the ones who dare to push someone else if that someone else is stagnating and can't see it himself. It is a song about necessary pain. That is why I - in my new single LIKE IT IS - thank the person who sets my house on fire - if that house has become like a jail."

Robb Donker

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