Saturday, June 22, 2019

Baby FuzZ stirs do wop tropical punk dreams in the trippy "Mr. Blu" - See the Official Video

The dream inducing sonic provocateur Baby FuzZ pushes genres in the trippy Mr.Blu is the last leg of a video trilogy. The song stirs 50's do wop flavors (ala The Platters' Only You tones) and dramatic art rock eruptions all the while floating in some tinges of Hawaiian lounge music. When I first heard Mr. Blu I did think a bit of Sparks as both share a kind other worldly art motif so I was glad to find out that Baby FuzZ (in a recent interview) cites the Mael brothers as an influence. 

The video for Mr. Blu (in collaboration with Director / Writer / Producer Nesto) is equally artistically out there as noted in Press Notes: 

The final music video in the impressive Baby FuzZ / Nesto music video trilogy is "Mr. Blu". It's the story of a bad emo retirement home magician who stumbles across the ability to grant the retirees their wildest wishes. What starts as a brutal cafeteria turns into a chaotic dreamworld filled with Easter bunnies, Marlboro men, ballerinas, and medieval knights. All the while, the magician sinks deeper into his depressed self. He can make everyone happy except for himself. As with other Baby FuzZ videos, hidden meanings abound, and with "Mr. Blu", it's hard to ignore an allegory addressing the life and mental health issues of an entertainer.

Baby FuzZ never ceases to entertain.

Robb Donker

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