Monday, June 10, 2019

Derek Senn's indie rocker "Have A Nice Day" feels like a vast runaway song from the album "How Could A Man"

Have A Nice Day by singer songwriter rocker Derek Senn based out of San Luis Obispo, California moves at a runaway clip, the vast urgent sound with "oooooooooh"s intact has a true sense of wanderlust, of an ongoing journey, of physical and emotional places visited. There is almost an out of breath urgency to Senn's vocal performance too. It feels direct and passionate with even a tinge of desperation as if one has to move fast to live that ever fleeting life. I like the character in Senn's delivery and the lyrics that feel real and personal. The wanderlust indie rock feel here makes sense considering Senn doesn't just dip his toe in life's adventures but dives in whether traveling the world or becoming a family man. 

Have A Nice Day is from his 12 track full length album "How Could A Man" out now on Bandcamp and other platforms. 

Robb Donker


Derek Senn has been at it for a while now, honing his songwriting craft and sharing his musings with the world. His travels have taken him far and wide, from a yearlong foreign exchange in Quito, Ecuador, to a six-month bicycle trip through western South America, to a three-month foray to track down a girl in Argentina he fancied. Several of his songs refer to these adventures, though more recently, they address the world—and children—he’s created with that girl (turns out she fancied him too). The navigation of the quotidian trials and travails of family life imbue his songs now: child-rearing, putting food on the table, yelling at the dog. 
Derek and his wife formed a punk rock duo called The Wedding Industrial Complex, but sometime around 2009, she tossed her drumsticks into the crowd for the last time and called it a day. Since then, Derek has released three critically acclaimed solo albums. His most recent offering, "How Could A Man,” is groovy and catchy; the lyrics are funny and heartfelt (often in the same song) and wholly original. “How Could A Man” is his most realized album to date, and the title track is a love song for the ages. 

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