Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sara Rachele's stunning love letter "Allelu (I Found You)" from her "Scorpio Moon" album

I start to write this little track review with some trepidation as it seems to me that I will not have the right words to describe the latest offering from Sara Rachele in Allelu (I Found You) from her new album "Scorpio Moon"- an ambitious "live-to-tape" vision were she had the great opportunity to record with members of the Dap-Kings as well as Binky Griptite and other members of Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones' former backing band in conjunction with Atlanta based keyboardist Spencer Garn (as co-producer) and multi-instrumentalist Kris Sampson. In the end, though it is the songwriting talents of Rachele that spin all the lovely spiderwebs and it is her voice that makes you feel every emotion she spills out. 

For me, Allelu (I Found You) marries her perfect melody with her vocal aesthetic. Rachelle possesses a voice with an authentic kind of western / country / roots meets folk meets rock meet blues tone that feels not only pure but is full of character.. full of character. It is a lovely voice full of bruises and bruises healed and it has the ability to nestle itself deep inside your heart. A voice that can make you close your eyes and feel it all. The musical combo that embraces this song and Rachelle's story is perfectly felt, crafted, played with graceful bass, drums (aww those drums), guitar and keys / organs (beautiful). 

Sara Rachele hails from Decatur, Georgia and haunts Atlanta and New York.  "Scorpio Moon" is out via Angrygal.

Robb Donker

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