Thursday, June 13, 2019

Strap your seatbelt on and listen to "Why Now" by Algorhythm for a trippy musically high ride

Algorhythm is a progressive rock meets jazz fusion band based out of Montreal, Canada and they are here to rock your face off in blendo rockish, jazzy ways and while they can get chill when they want to, on the track Why Now, it feels like a double sided Redbull and Vodka after one too many pixies sticks. The opening feels mystical but that doesn't last long. The song charges forth in an incredibly fast rush of licks while founder, songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Alexander Lioubimenko directs the action like a kind of jazz cabaret provocateur. The song takes wonderful diversions that allow you to catch your breath. During the musical / drum and bass break you start to chill and smile and imagine you are in some other world (maybe a version of Hell) where you are served drinks with umbrellas as you float on top of this tightly wound dense drink of music. It is such a trippy musically high ride.

Robb Donker


  1. Alex your song and group are fantastic. Great groove and spot on with the feel. The sounds are on par with ELP and Weather Report. Stay brilliant.

    Your loyal fan,

  2. Thank you very much Wade. We appreciate your support big time! Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list for exclusive news, and content.