Monday, July 22, 2019

Gon Von Zola is the perfect art punk provocateur with the off-kilter "100% Risk Of Death"

100% Risk Of Death by Gon Von Zola based out of London by way of Leipzig, Germany, Zola and writing cohort(s) naturally veer toward askew forms of art and crafting upbeat art punk songs with a sense of wit and wonder. 100% Risk Of Death (as reflected in the Official Video) has a crazy carnival on high tone pushed by punk synth swings, pogo pushed drum beats, sparring guitar and bass framingG Zola's glam vocal performance with lyrics that seem to reflect the futility of life and the dark comedy inherent in uncertain times all told through lines that are rich with jagged humor. 

Robb Donker 


Combining his laid back, whacky public persona with a no strings attached song writing style and production sound, Third Culture Kid Gon Von Zola and his multi-diverse gang of misfits are keen to reveal their new single '100% Risk of Death' to the masses!
As a follow up to the previous single “Concrete Heaven” GVZ once again take a break from their occasional antics to bring you an upbeat and high powered tune all the way through that delivers themes of humanity dying out under an ironic layer of optimism.
'100% Risk of Death' orchestrates perfectly the ‘less is more╩╝ attitude with a concoction of lyrical stabs, synth FX and pulsing guitar that goes hand in hand with a prodding and punchy bass/rhythm section.

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