Friday, July 19, 2019

Heaviness lives and dies in J Lind's worldly track "For What It's Worth"

J Lind's worldly track For What It's Worth feels like the cadence of life and death on a South African plain. Interwoven through the tom tom beats and teeming sounds, Lind's voice is folkish and Americana, stoic yet passionate. The song reminds me a bit of Phil Collins' Air Tonight both in it's emotional tone and cagey push and pull around the beats. I can't tell if there is an anti-hero in this life and death story or if the true meaning here is just the interconnectedness of all of us in the life and death drama that is life itself. 

This song is the title track of Lind's forthcoming record which draws inspiration from three years of experiencing the world of hospice care. 

"It is Lind’s hope that the project will serve to catalyze formative conversations on grief, loss, and acceptance."

Robb Donker


Born and raised in Phoenix, J Lind learned early on that inspiration can be found in unlikely spaces. Even so, Lind’s latest project—a record based on the reflections of hospice patients—is unconventional, to say the least.
Lind’s unusual approach to songwriting developed during his time as a student at Princeton. A frequent collaborator, Lind opened for the Grammy-nominated rapper, Big Sean, in the spring of 2015 and participated in songwriting seminars with artists ranging from Steve Martin to Rosanne Cash. Following the release of his debut EP in 2017, Lind studied philosophy at Oxford before continuing his work as a hospice volunteer in New Delhi, India.
J Lind’s forthcoming record, For What It’s Worth (2019), is a careful reflection on three years of experience in the world of hospice care. Supported by a Princeton fellowship, the record draws on the diverse soundscapes of artists such as Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel while invoking the direct, narrative lyric of acts like Passenger and Dawes. It is Lind’s hope that the project will serve to catalyze formative conversations on grief, loss, and acceptance.

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