Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Monther Sun's jagged psych pop pill "Sunny Tuesday" becomes more intoxicating the deeper you swim "la la laaaaa"

Sunny Tuesday by Kamloops' (BC) psych indie popsters Mother Sun is a song that becomes deeper the farther you get into it. The musical mix gets more dense, the aesthetic more dramatic and less laid back which is surprising considering that it starts and feels like a kind of surf punkish meets tropical punk meets 90's college radio (USA) sounds. I love the vocal performance that feels part matter of factly, part stream of consciousness with clever wordplay and the "la la la laaaaaa" chorus is infectious. As the song descends into a thick tightly wound stew of sounds the jammy quality takes over. Wonderful stuff.

Mother Sun's debut "Caramel Clouds" drops this August (2019).

Check out their website here and cowabunga.

Robb Donker



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