Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Personal Update: Need a full 18 hours a day, AMC's "The Terror Infamy" as a disturbing diversion. Songwriting Fix

I haven't done any songwriting in a while but put on my 
yellow tinted sunglasses for inspiration as I do not own rose colored ones. As of late, while big changes are approaching 
my diversions have been AMC's "The Terror- Infamy" which 
in turn has gotten me delving into that time period and horrific decisions made 
by men of power fueled by ignorance, racism and just not 
being very smart or logical. Also been researching the terrible injustice inflicted upon German Americans around the same 
time and the cases of violence and even deaths that occured 
at the hands of mobs fueled by violence laced diatribes from 
the highest reaches of the government. Oh, we have gotten 
better as a people but those at the top have not, sadly to say. 
Like I said, lots of changes coming. Some incredible artists 
as of late on the American Pancake blog and the Pizzandfries 
blog and merch is coming, I swear. #late #confiscate #love #drugs #goldengate 

apologize for this rather sloppy paste up of a recent 
Instagram update on
the going's on in my head as of late and the subject of the
Japanese American (and German American) internment
by our government during world war 2 has been in my 
thoughts lately. I am formulating some sort of Opinion piece
about it or, at least, hope I can as my thinking has been
fragmented lately with so much going on and feeling a bit
burned out. I am thinking my blood sugar might be out of
wack and affecting my overall well being and thus my overall
lact of through put. I have to make sure this changes, and 
will start an exercise program to hopefully keep me active.
I need the full 18 hours of each and every day to make the
progress I need to make. 
Cheers, be good and happy out there.

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