Monday, August 12, 2019

Seven Foot Frank is from Sweden but reimagines 1920's Americana. Hear "One of These Days (I'm Gonna Drink Myself to Death)"

Seven Foot Frank hails from Sweden but create original music from another era (or maybe parallel universe) that reimagines American music from the 1920's. The stately Seven Foot Frank is the moniker of Jonas Frank Jirhamn and his musical cohort is Lukas Lindberg as Cousin Luke and when you listen to the track One of These Days (I'm Gonna Drink Myself to Death) it sounds so purely authentic (minus the fuzzy scratched sound of wax acetates) that you believe it is nearly 100 years old. 

Press notes reveal that:

"This song is really inspired by the Jugbands of the 1920's and a long history of alcohol abuse in the family. It's a groovy number that tries to capture the groove of a jugband, but instead using a tuba"

I love it. 
Robb Donker

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