Friday, August 9, 2019

Sore Thumb's delicious indie rock blend of "Lemurians" from the "Sounds Good" Album

Lemurians by Sore Thumb instantly tugs at you with broad folk indie rockish guitars and whistling melodies. The aesthetic feels indie rockish with the same musical nucleic acid of 80's stalwarts like R.E.M and Miracle Legion and even the Lemonheads with tinges of the Pixies too. That time period has particular musical cues and nuances that while not easy to define are potent reminders of the musical landscape shifting from that hair metal aesthetic with party machismo to more varied elements of proto punk, art punk and big folk underpinnings with lyrics that questioned everything. Lemurians and much of the "Sounds Good" album has that aesthetic as well.

Lemurians is officially the second single off of the album and the chorus features Maddie Goett on backing vox. The textures and endearing lead vocal performance feels like a classic and the jammy rock guitarjust kills. Kudos guys.

Robb Donker


The anticipated follow up album to Sore Thumb's debut; 'Sounds Good' features a more mature alternative sound, without losing the quirky fun that makes Sore Thumb special.

Inspired by 90's Grunge, 80's New Wave, and 2000's Punk, the band took their sunny Surf Rock sound and added a twist of all of their influences. From Bossa Nova bass lines in 'Lemurians', to Queen's ripping guitar solos in 'Cold Comfort', Elton John's dancy piano lines in 'The Way Things Work Around Here', to the Symphony backing the band in 'Coming of Age', Sounds Good promises to broaden the scope of Sore Thumb while still delivering for existing fans.

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