Friday, February 14, 2020

Screw Houston's punchy as hell "Count Us Out" swings hard

"punchy as hell"

They say it every 8 years or so, that rock and roll is dead. They are saying it now and it is hard to deny some of the writing on the wall, the propensity in pop culture to embrace all kinds of music other than hard guitar driven alternative rock. It does make you take pause and want to root for those who rock their asses off like the Dutch alt rock band with the enticing and sort of funny name Screw Houston.

They are based between the areas of Utrecht and Brabant and on their track Count Us Out, a punchy as hell alt rocker with big punk tendencies they hit it hard and fast and I for one will not count them out. Rock is here to stay after all. 

- Robb Donker Curtius


Screw Houston are a Dutch punk rock band based between Utrecht and Brabant. The band formed in 2009 as a post-hardcore group, changing their sound a few years down the line as it headed down an anthemic, alternative punk rock path which takes its cues from modern day greats such as Foo Fighters, Hot Water Music and The Menzingers. Over the course of their ten year existence, the band have performed live throughout the entire Benelux region, sharing stages with the likes of Zebrahead, John Coffey, Trade Wind and I Against I. The band have also made appearances at Jera on Air, Festival de Beschaving, Breda Barst and Eurosonic Noorderslag, the latter of these as part of a showcase in conjunction with White Russian Records.

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