Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The evasive and inventive "Space Dog" by BIRTHH

"Italy and New York"

The track Space Dog by BIRTHH, the musical name of Alice Bisi is really two songs in one. Beginning with odd sounds of machinery (of some sort) churning, acoustic lines, synths and this kind of indie orchestration slowly floods in as does Bisi's cool pop vocal that is both pristine and animated as she sings her whimsical prose about World Wars and UFO escapes and more. The song moves from indie pop bounces to more late 70's R&B pop and then it stops abruptly or so you would think so, but no. Instead it swell up, almost imperceptibly into this kind of mellow dream. Interesting. 

-Robb Donker Curtius


It’s been several years since the release of the songwriting prodigy BIRTHH’s acclaimed debut album Born in the Woods, so we’re thrilled today to share the news that BIRTHH is officially back, with the release of a new single called “Supermarkets." It’s a playful, pop-leaning track that marries folk-tinged songwriting, laid-back jazz grooves and an undercurrent of glitchy electronica. BIRTHH demoed the song in her makeshift bedroom studio before completing it with Solange collaborator Lucius Page and the GRAMMY Award-winning mixing engineer Robert 'LB’ Dorsey (H.E.R., The Roots) and GRAMMY Award-winning powerhouse mastering engineer Emily Lazar (David Bowie, The Killers, Lou Reed, Dolly Parton).
Lyrically, “Supermarkets" is a reminder of our own limitations. As she explains, “I like that the first thing people hear is the line ‘people are just people, they don't know what they're after.’ It's true. We don't. I also like the imagery of routine, and how we rely on it to reveal existential stuff in life. Humans have a hard time just stopping and thinking about what's happening in our lives.” The 22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer BIRTHH made a striking first impression with her debut track "Chlorine." An emotionally charged cocktail of ethereal beauty and unrestrained anger, the track set BIRTHH on the path to over 600,000 streams. Another early track, "Queen of Failureland" was highlighted by The 405, who described it as “...a spellbinding auditory fantasy and nightmare.” She's subsequently played shows and festivals alongside the likes of PJ Harvey, Mac DeMarco, Andrew Bird, Benjamin Clementine, Nick Murphy, Imagine Dragons, and most recently, two sets at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.
BIRTHH, whose real name is Alice Bisi, was raised in Florence and is known for her unique style of interweaving frank, and almost abrupt lyrics about her personal life with mesmerizing riffs. When she was 2 her parents split up, and she'd spend the long journey to her dad's house listening to the likes of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and The Chieftains. She cherished the time she spent with her dad who taught her from a young age how to enjoy the little things in the music. Her dad, who himself used to be a musician, told her to focus on the guitar or piano – so she started playing music and wrote her first song at 8 years old. Spending time between Italy and New York, her tastes are split between pure pop and the soulful fusion between the electronic and the organic that was present in one of her favorite records; Corinne Bailey Rae's 2006 self-titled debut. Despite amassing a handful of songs, Bisi kept her songwriting a secret while at school in Florence. A visit to her father, was the impetus to make her secret hobby her primary passion as her songs moved from SoundCloud to the stage.

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